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LED chandelier lamps available for decorative applications

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NxGen Technologies’ LED lamps stimulate the “hot spot” visible in incandescent filament bulbs.

| August 3, 2010

YARDLEY, Penn. – NxGen Technologies announced the release of its LED-based, flame-shaped chandelier lamps that are ideal for mood lighting and other decorative applications where incandescent bulbs are currently being used. Designed to stimulate the “hot spot” visible in incandescent filament bulbs, these chandelier lamps provide long life and enormous energy savings over their traditional incandescent counterparts.

“The fractional wattage LEDs we use provide up to 90 percent energy savings over incandescent bulbs and are design to last 25,000 hours,” says David Allen, president of NxGen Technolgies.

The chandelier lamps operate at lower temperatures and are shock proof and vibration proof. they are available in torpedo or flame-shaped transparent bulbs that product a warm white light color.The lamps are 3.75 inches long, 1 inch in diameter and operte in 120v service.

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