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MGK M.I.S.T. conference offers social media, mosquito market growth strategies

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Houston and Atlanta to host one-day seminars in February.

| December 14, 2010

MINNEAPOLIS – Pest management professionals interested in attending a one-of-a-kind Social Media “Mini” Boot Camp and learning about the latest technological innovations, regulatory updates and business-building tools for the mosquito market will have two opportunities to do so. MGK, manufacturer of quality insect control products announced the dates of its M.I.S.T. Conference, scheduled for February 8 in Houston and February 22 in Atlanta.   

M.I.S.T. – an acronym for Misting Insecticides Solutions & Technology – is an intensive one-day seminar devoted exclusively to the mosquito market, one of the fastest-growing segments of the pest management industry. “Due to the recession, PMPs had a challenging year in 2010,” said Kevin Caskey, business director, branded products, MGK.

“MGK recognizes the potential of this valuable add-on service. In fact, we believed so strongly in this market that MGK was the first insecticide product supplier to add a dedicated Mosquito Misting Market Specialist, Andy Sturgis, a 15-year veteran of the industry. MGK also named Monika Morris as Mosquito Misting Market Manager, further illustrating our commitment to this growing market.”

“Mosquito control services not only provide a valuable revenue stream for PMPs, but address a legitimate service need of homeowners,” Sturgis said. “Residents of mosquito-prone areas want to take their backyards back from mosquitoes. For many, it’s a quality of life issue.”

Misting systems are proving particularly popular at high-end resorts, retirement communities, golf courses, business parks and other large commercial accounts where mosquitoes are not only a nuisance, but a public health threat. “With every headline about West Nile virus or encephalitis, the public becomes more aware of the role mosquitoes play in disease transmission,” Sturgis said.  

MGK’s M.I.S.T. Conference is designed to be the industry’s one-stop location for all of the latest news and technology advancements in the mosquito market, offering an extensive array of educational topics devoted to successful marketing strategies, equipment selection, mosquito control products, liability exposure/management and much more.

New to this year’s M.I.S.T. Conference is a Social Media “Mini” Boot Camp led by Paul Slack, co-owner of Splash Media, a company specializing in social media strategies for small businesses. “Paul will provide attendees with a crash course on specific ways PMPS can use social media to grow their businesses in 2011,” said Monika Morris, mosquito misting market manager. “Splash Media understands Internet marketing, having created successful social media strategies for a variety of small businesses. We think PMPs will enjoy this valuable addition to the program.”

In addition, Jerome Goddard will present a keynote address titled, “The Public Health and Medical Importance of Mosquitoes” at this year’s M.I.S.T. Conference. “Dr. Goddard is not only an informative, but highly entertaining speaker who is one of the country’s foremost authorities on public health pests,” Morris said.

Rounding out the program is Russ Jundt, co-owner of Mosquito Squad of Minnesota, who will share his real-world insights about “Marketing Mosquito Misting and Mosquito Control Services.”

 “We’re confident mosquito misting professionals and PMPs who attend the M.I.S.T. Conference will be armed with the necessary skills to expand their business, providing a valuable service to their customers while fulfilling their mission as protectors of public health,” Sturgis added. “You can go anywhere in the United States and there’s potential to grow this market, which is why we’re so excited about hosting the conference. It’s a one-of-a-kind event.”

Cost of the one-day seminar is $30 per person, which includes a continental breakfast, lunch and reception. Toregister or if you are interested in having a tabletop at the event, call 800-456-0707, e-mail or visit To learn more about MGK’s product line, including the company’s mosquito misting products Riptide, Vampyre and Sector, visit

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