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Lawn & Landscape | June 11, 2014

1. Buyer’s Product SaltDogg

The pitch: Buyer’s Products’ SaltDogg SHPE1500-, SHPE2000- and SHPE2250-series salt spreaders are now offered standard in red and yellow polymer as well as the black.

  • The SHPE1500-, SHPE2000- and SHPE2250-series salt spreaders are intended for medium- to heavy-duty commercial spreading. The light-weight polymer material makes the spreaders easy to install and maintain.
  • The SHPE1500-series spreaders have a 1.5-cubic-yard capacity and SHPE 2000-series spreaders have a 2.0-cubic-yard capacity. Both have a 2.5-inch stainless steel, screw-type auger.
  • SHPE2250-series spreaders provide a 2.2-cubic-yard capacity and have a 5.25-inch full length steel variable-pitch auger.

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2. Western Snow Plows

The pitch: The PRODIGY snow plow delivers multi-position winged-plow performance in a unit that’s can be operated as a straight blade. The Western PRODIGY automatically positions its whether in straight-ahead scoop mode or when angled for windrowing.

  • As the blade angles left or right for windrowing, the heavy-duty coil compression springs and cable assembly pull the trailing wing back until in line with the moldboard while the leading wing remains angled forward to capture more snow and clear a 7-foot 10-inch swath.
  • Western now offers both the PRO PLUS straight-blade and the new PRODIGY winged plow for skid-steer loader applications.

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The pitch: Featuring a dual-trip design, THE BOSS Snowplow introduces new 8-foot 2-inch and 9-foot 2-inch Poly, Steel and Stainless Steel DXT Plows.

  • The dual-trip design of the DXT delivers enhanced plow protection when striking hidden obstacles. The base angle trips independently, reducing impacts when lower obstacles are hit.
  • The full moldboard trip protects against taller obstructions (6 inches or more), such as frozen snow banks when in vee, scoop and angled positions.
  • Additional features and benefits include a flare-wing design to throw snow higher and farther; a fully enclosed, weather-protected hydraulic system offering low maintenance operation; and wear-resistant curb guards and snow catcher.

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4. Hiniker Dual-Motor Electric Spreaders

The pitch: The dual-motor electric salt and sand spreaders allow users to tailor material application rates accurately. Powered by the truck’s 12-volt electrical system, these units provide individual variable speed control for both the conveyor and the spinner.

  • The spreaders also feature blast control for quick, extra dense applications and a reverse switch to clear jams quickly and easily.
  • Two stainless steel electric spreader models are available: the 6.5-foot. model 635 and the 8-foot model 835.
  • Standard hopper capacities are 1.50-cubic-yard for model 635 and 1.80-cubic-yard for model 835.

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