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When it comes to UTVs, these companies have what you’re looking for.

December 11, 2014

UTVs aren’t just for fun, and landscape contractors are noticing that. If you’re thinking about adding a utility terrain vehicle to your equipment lineup, there are many options out there. All UTVs are not created equal, so take a look at this list and see what works best for your needs.

Kubota RTV-X Series

The pitch: Kubota’s RTV-X Series is new to the product lineup, with three models: the RTV-X900, RTV-X1100C and RTV-X1120D.

  • The RTV-X900 has a payload capacity of 1,598 lbs. with a towing capacity of 1,300 lbs. The RTV-X1100C has a payload capacity of 1,510 lbs. with a towing capacity of 1,300 lbs., and the RTV-X1120 D has a payload capacity of 1,629 lbs. with a towing capacity of 1,300 lbs.
  • All three come with three tire options: Heavy Duty Worksite, ATV or Turf.
  • All three are four-cycle, three-cylinder diesel engines, and each has a 60/40 split-bench with under-seat storage.

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Ariens/Gravely Atlas JSV

The pitch: Ariens/Gravely unveiled its Atlas JSV, with JSV standing for jobsite vehicle, making it a vehicle specifically for work instead of play.

  • The vehicle has a 1,900-lb. payload and 2,000-lb. towing capacity.
  • The MX-18 JobBox features a 1,250-lb. capacity, all made of steel. The 48-in. x 57-in. cargo bed is also on electric lift, which is standard for all Atlas vehicles, and the bed can fit a full-sized wooden pallet.
  • There are four models available, with two fuel options: EFI and diesel. Each can come as either a three-seater (The SSC-3000) or six-seater (the SSV-6000).

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Bobcat 3400 and 3400XL

The pitch: Bobcat’s four-wheel drive 3400 and 3400XL UTVs are new for 2015 and feature improved suspension systems, faster travel speeds and more integrated accessories.

  • Both models are available with either a 40-horsepower gas engine or a 23-horsepower diesel engine. With a dealer-installed kit, they can reach up to 40 mph.
  • The 3400 has a cargo box load capacity of 1,250 lbs. and the 3400XL has a cargo box capacity of 1,100 lbs. Both have a towing capacity of 2,000 lbs.
  • The vehicles can be converted from an open to an enclosed cab in a few minutes with the installation of optional hinges. The cabs feature front and rear windows, a roof and canvas or hard-sided doors.

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John Deere Gator HPX 4X4

The pitch: John Deere’s Gator HPX 4X4 UTV features an SAE and OSHA certified ROPS (Roll-over protective structure), making it a good choice for worksites.

  • Features a 1,400-lb. payload and towing capacity, and the steel cargo box has a 1,000-lb. capacity. The cargo box loads at under 3 feet and tilts for easy dumping.
  • The HPX 4X4 features on-demand four-wheel drive that automatically senses when the rear wheels slip, then engages front wheels with full torque, maximizing traction.
  • It has an Occupant Protection System with a passenger-side hand-hold and three-point seatbelts that are SAE ROPS certified.

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Polaris GEM eM1400

The pitch: Polaris has released the GEM eM1400, the first GEM model completely designed and engineered by Polaris.

  • The eM1400 features a 1,400-lb. payload capacity, a 1,100-lb. rear cargo-carrying capacity and can tow up to 1,250 lbs.
  • It has a top speed of 19mph and as an electric vehicle with zero emissions, it can be driven both indoors and outdoors, making it a good fit for facilities and grounds maintenance, indoor warehousing, lawn and landscape, farm utility, hospitality and property upkeep.
  • It comes with a 7 horsepower AC motor that has a range of up to 45 miles per charge, depending on temperature, grade, payload and driving style.

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Cub Cadet Volunteer 4X4 EFI

The pitch: Cub Cadet’s Volunteer 4X4 EFI UTV is a versatile machine with more than 40 attachments that can be used for different projects.

  • The UTV has a 1,400-lb. payload and towing capacity.
  • Features a 31 horsepower Kohler Aegis 747cc V-Twin EFI engine with liquid cooling.
  • Some of the optional attachments include a digital speedometer and fuel gauge, an electric bed lift, a heavy-duty molded bed and tailgate liner, a 72-inch super-duty blade and an acrylic windshield.

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