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New Products

New Products

March 18, 2014

Switch-N-Go Landscape Drop Box

The pitch: With multiple job sites, your units can now be stationary.

  • The Landscape Drop Box is available in six standard lengths from 9-14 feet long, which translates into 8-17 yards.
  • All Switch-N-Go bodies come standard with a powder coated top finish with an option of a zinc coated primer, that’s boosted by a triple stage wash to ensure proper curing and rust resistance.
  • Built with features such as a barn door gate, 4-foot curb side door, cab shield, and a sloped front for easier cleanout.

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Moscap Engineering GasCheck

The pitch: The GasCheck determines how much gas is in a propane tank. The GasCheck is pressed against the outer wall of the tank and emits an ultrasonic signal to determine the liquid levels.

  • Signals with a red light that there is no liquid at that level or a green light to indicate liquid is present.
  • Powered by two watch batteries.
  • It can be used in conjunction with flammable gases and complies with EU EMC Directive 2004/108/EG.

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JohnDow Industries WindStorm Fan Line

The pitch: WindStorm Fans cool the space or make it warmer. The fans are offered in 208-230V and 460V inputs with a variable speed drive that allows the fans to be set at a desired speed.

  • Creates a breeze of 3 mph that lowers the temperature by 6-7 degrees.
  • Air movement will provide a 7-10 degree Fahrenheit cooling effect.
  • The fans are controlled by an industrial variable frequency drive (VFD) allowing the owner to adjust the speed of the fan to the perfect speed for the facility and the operating conditions.

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Little Giant Disappearing Fountain Kits

The pitch: The new Disappearing Fountains from Little Giant are now being offered in a variety of shapes and colors.

  • Designed to look modern and be easy to assemble.
  • Sold individually or in a kit.
  • Waterproof LED lighting also available to enhance a design.

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Club Car Carryalls

The pitch: Club Car Carryalls accommodate a configurable and removable track-based bed attachment system designed specifically for landscapers. The system accommodates:

  • Ratcheting and standard tool holders, for string trimmers, edgers and pole saws
  • Multi-tool holders, for rakes and shovels
  • Fuel pack kits
  • Water cooler holders
  • Bucket holders
  • Backpack blower racks
  • Bed-mounted ladder rack kits
  • Bed divider kits and short bed divider kits
  • Cargo tie downs

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Buyers Products Heavy-Duty Booster Cable

The pitch: Buyers Products’ new heavy-duty booster cable with plug-in connector measures 22 feet, plus a 6-foot permanent connector.

  • Quick-connect and weather-proof plugs are designed to provide safe and convenient connection to power source.
  • The new cable is polarity protected and offers 600-amp, heavy-duty clamps with copper conductors.
  • The insulated cable can be used with most side- or top-post batteries.

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