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Reader's Forum

Readers' Forum

August 24, 2009


Your June editorial on “What’s Your Strategy?” was excellent and right on point – I especially liked the goalie analogy.
My son was involved in a number of soccer shootouts over the years as a goalie and when he stood his ground, he most often successfully defended the shot. When he tried to anticipate, he was most often scored on.
Scott Jamieson
Bartlett Tree Experts
Northbrook, Ill. 

I’m impressed with the Lawn & Landscape magazine Web site and enjoyed reading through your approachable and attention-grabbing articles.
In particular, I truly connected with your June My Turf letter “What’s Your Strategy?” about why it’s often better to remember what made your business great instead of diversifying in a panic. (Let’s hope for humanity’s sake that McCafe soon goes the way of the McPizza!)
The pundits of the past decade have been all too adamant about complacency being bad for business – it’s really too bad they don’t warn as often about the dangers of losing focus.
Genevieve P. Charet
Author of the management case study “Dynamic Marketing: A Study of Change”

Avoid the Trap

Great commentary in July’s Lawn & Landscape My Turf “Avoid the Trap.” I think you hit the nail right on the head with the golf story.
Keep up the good work!
Mike Petrasek
PR account coordinator