Sunday, August 30, 2015

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BioSafe Systems

22 Meadow St East Hartford CT 06108

ph: (888) 273-3088 fax: (860) 290-8802

BioSafe Systems' organic, sustainable and effective products are uniquely balanced alternatives to harsh and toxic chemicals. For over 15 years our growers have seen our products successfully enhance their plants' health, quality, and overall appearance. From propagation to finished crops, our chemistry provides the horticulture industry with solutions that prevent outbreaks of plant pathogens that can cause losses in greenhouse crops.


Leading the way in peroxycompound chemistries for greenhouse and nursery crop protection, water treatment and cleaning and sanitation practices, Biosafe Systems offers a complete line of products that are EPA registered, USDA NOP compliant, OMRI listed and effectively help growers to control plant pathogens and insects in your greenhouse or nursery.