Saturday, August 29, 2015


Pennsylvania Floral Industry Association (PFIA)

1924 North Second Street
Harrisburg, PA 17102

ph: (800) 234-3779 fax: (717) 238-9985 Website Sign up Events

Members in our organization are retail florists, flower and plant growers, floral wholesalers, and associated businesses, educators and students.The purpose of our organization is to assist in the continuous improvement of the floriculture industry in Pennsylvania by means of six main objectives: 1. Promoting the floriculture industry in Pennsylvania 2. Encouraging research and extension services 3. Promoting legislation that is beneficial to the floriculture industry 4. Fostering flower production, care and arranging as part of school instruction and to assist events that promote the floral industry in Pennsylvania. 5. Collecting, publishing, and making available to members, information and/or services which may be beneficial to the function and operations of the floral industry. 6. And, by Cooperating with other associations with similar purposes such s the Society of American Florists, we actively promote, advance, and better the floral industry across the nation.