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WeatherTRAK ET Pro

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HydroPoint Data Systems January 27, 2005
  • Incorporates WeatherTRAK Web Services which enables the programming and management of individual and groups of WeatherTRAK ET Pro controllers via the Internet
  • Daily local ET delivered wirelessly without the use of weather stations
  • WeatherTRAK Scheduling Engine utilizes unique plant coefficients, including turfgrass, trees, shrubs and native plants
  • Designed with built-in sprinkler, soil and horticultural databases for easy programming
  • Up to 30 start times per station
  • System features 12 to 24 station configurations, a master valve pump feature and user-definable real-time alerts and alarms via email
  • Features flow monitoring, leak/break detection, water budgeting, program change detection, wiring faults and usage reporting
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