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Rain Bird ET Manager Cartridge for ESP-LX Modular Controller

Irrigation Controllers


Rain Bird January 14, 2009

The Rain Bird ET Manager Cartridge easily upgrades any ESP-LX controller to an ET/Weather-based irrigation smart controller. The ET Manager Cartridge uses the same Weather Reach™ signal as the Rain Bird ET Manager (ETMi). The ET Manager Cartridge saves water by making real-time adjustments to the irrigation schedule based on hourly weather information. Additionally, by eliminating the need to travel to controller sites to make adjustments or programming changes, the ET Manager Cartridge contributes to significant labor savings. The ET Manager Cartridge is ideal for high-end residential and light commercial applications. The ET Manager Cartridge is easily installed in any ESP-LX controller with minimal need for tools or wiring.

  • Upgrades new or existing ESP-LX Modular Controllers to use professional grade smart weather technology
  • Receives hourly weather information from a local Weather Reach Signal Provider
  • Automatically adjusts irrigation schedules using temperature, wind, solar radiation, humidity and rainfall information
  • Displays real-time weather conditions and logs all system activity including the amount of water applied and the number of days watered
  • Eliminates the need for contractors to travel to controller sites to make weather-based adjustments or programming changes
  • Keeps plants healthy by properly watering them through its four separate moisture balance settings


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