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Schreder Lighting USA Compact Hestia Street Luminaires


Schr├ęder Lighting January 21, 2009
  • Made of aluminum and glass with a reflector bonded to its lens
  • Allows various installation heights
  • Sealsafe micro-reflectors allow for less space in the optical compartment, which gives the designer more creative freedom
  • Optics feature a one-piece, anodized, brightened and hydroformed aluminum reflector that is permanently sealed on a tempered glass sag lens
  • High-pressure die-cast aluminum lamp access mechanism protects the interior of the optical system, providing long-lasting photometric performance
  • Reflectors enhance lighting performance while eliminating internal cleaning
  • Has a retaining latch under the luminaire that can be accessed without tools
  • Uses metal halide ceramic arc tube lamps ranging up to 150 watts
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