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Turfgrass Problems: Picture Clues and Management Options

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By Eva Gussack and Frank Rossi

Spiral bound | 201 pages | Published 2001

Insects, diseases, weeds, and other problems can wreak havoc on a lush, healthy stand of turfgrass. Identifying the cause of a turfgrass problem can be very challenging. This pocket guide will help you identify problems and implement appropriate management strategies to achieve and maintain healthy plants.

Turfgrass Problems: Picture Clues and Management Options is loaded with over 130 color photos of problems that affect cool-season turfgrasses (which include creeping and colonial bentgrasses, Kentucky and annual bluegrasses, fine-leaf and tall fescues, and perennial ryegrasses). The compact, spiral-bound guide covers four types of problems: abiotic problems, diseases, insects, and weeds. (Abiotic problems are caused by "nonliving" factors, such as weather, poor soil structure, or improper nutrient levels.) Each problem discussion includes photos, a complete description of the problem's appearance and the conditions under which it tends to occur, and nonchemical management strategies. Color-coded tabs on each page help readers flip to a particular chapter quickly. If the problem cannot be identified from the photos and descriptions in the guide, a chapter on scouting and sampling procedures will help readers take further action.

A unique feature of the guide is the timelines chapter, which includes three symptom timelines that tell when a certain disease, insect, or weed is likely to emerge. The timelines are based on average climate conditions in the northern United States, but detailed instructions are included for refining the timelines for a specific locale using growing degree days. A glossary, conversion factors, and references are included as well.


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