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Green Side Up - Audio CD Set - 7 CDs

Managing Your Business $34.95

 Green Side Up - Straight Talk on Growing and Operating a Profitable Landscape Business

by Ed Laflamme

 Listen to this great CD set while you are driving in your truck!

 New Audio CD Set (7 CDs - 8 Hours) -  Look no further for an accurate, fast-paced book-on-tape on growing your landscape business. Based on nearly 30 years of landscape industry experience, Laflamme shares unparalleled insight into the multi-faceted world of a landscape business owner. Whether you’re looking for ideas on running your business, managing your people, balancing your P & L, improving your operations or acquiring and retaining new customers, this audio book will motivate you to take action and chart a new course for your business. Also Available:  "Green Side Up" book.
Chapter headings include:
  • The Power of a Plan
  • The Mower or the Computer
  • Hire Outside Expertise
  • Profit is Not a Dirty Word
  • Pricing – Critical to Your Success
  • Train Them to Pay – on Time!
  • Retaining Valuable People
  • Managing Supervisors
  • Compensation
  • Sales, Advertising, Marketing, Help!
  • Networking Works
  • Managing Your Sales Staff
  • Put Your Logos on Everything
  • The Contract Renewal Process
  • Lost Job Analysis
  • Romance Your Customers
  • Vision
  • Delegate Everything Possible
  • Attitude Is Everything
  • Are You Ready to Sell?
Each chapter includes specific “Take Action” tips that you can incorporate immediately into your business to effect change.





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