Friday, February 27, 2015

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The Lingo Guide for Landscapers

Interior Landscape Business $14.95

The Lingo Guide For Landscapers contains over 800 words and 400 phrases. It is a tool for on the spot English/Spanish communication and can serve any where from major landscaping operations and garden centers down to the most common landscaping and gardening needs. 

With over 15 vocabulary sections ranging from plant names and terms, power equipment and tools all the way to insects and wildlife, The Lingo Guide For Landscapers is a comprehensive book that is practical, handy and easy to use.

Within the category of plant names, for example, there are over 15 categories covering everything from annuals and perennials to ground covers, shrubs, trees and water & bog plants.

The book’s phrases cover general landscaping terms and basic job Q & A and over 100 phrases for planting and installations and over 60 phrases for maintenance. Stone work and decorative lighting are covered as well.


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