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UN High Representative to Give Opening Address at International Horticulture Congress

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Jorge Sampaio will talk in Portugal for the world conference focused on the scientific component of horticulture.

| November 23, 2009

The 28th International Horticulture Congress, to be held in Lisbon, Portugal, from August 22-27 2010, begins with an opening address from the United Nations High Representative for the Alliance of Civilizations, Jorge Sampaio, a former President of the Portuguese Republic. The aim of the Alliance is to support, through a network of partnerships, the development of projects that promote understanding and reconciliation among cultures globally and, in particular, between Muslim and Western societies.

Jorge Sampaio, is a well known individuality in Portugal and has an internationally outstanding political career with a particular attention to social and cultural affairs.

He was Member of Parliament (1979-95), Mayor of Lisbon (1989-95) and Member of the European Human Rights Commission of the Council of Europe (1979-84). From 1990 to 1995 he was President of the Union of Portuguese-speaking Cities (UCCLA) and in 1990 was elected Vice-President of the Union of Iberian-American Cities. He was also elected President of the Eurocities Movement (1990) and President of the World Federation of United Cities (1992).

Jorge Sampaio was elected President of the Republic in 1996 and re-elected for a second term in 2001.

In May 2006 he was appointed by Kofi Anann as the UN Secretary General’s Special Envoy to Stop TB and in April 2007 was appointed by Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary General, as UN High Representative for the Alliance of Civilizations. More information:

The Congress, that in this edition has the theme Science and Horticulture for People, is a world conference on horticultural sciences, which takes place only every four years, under the patronage of the International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS).

The IHC Lisboa 2010 is organized by Portugal (Portuguese Horticultural Association) and Spain (Spanish Society of Horticultural Science), in Lisboa Congress Center, and there are expected more than 2,000 participants from around 80 countries to participate in colloquia, symposia, seminars, workshops and thematic sessions. The themes focus on the scientific component of horticulture but also the interaction between scientists, producers, consumers and society-at-large.

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