What clients want

You can find out by simply asking them.

  • July 5, 2012
  • Kristen Hampshire

What do clients really want? To find out, Asset Landscaping focuses on asking the right questions.

Do you want a desert look? How about a Mediterranean look? What does “lush” mean to you? Can you show me pictures? How much time do you want to spend tending to your landscape?

“We nail down what a client wants a landscape to look like then work backward from there,” says Johnson, explaining how he helps clients set obtainable goals for their properties.

Johnson comes to client meetings armed with photographs. And based on the client’s budget, they work out a plan in phases, if necessary. “You don’t want to put down all of your decomposed granite [groundcover] before the plants,” Johnson says logically. A grand plan helps Asset Landscaping create sensible steps to reach a client’s ultimate vision for the landscape.

It’s all about setting and managing expectations, Johnson adds. “Giving clients an understanding of the order in which the project should be done makes a huge different in the end result,” he says.


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