Annual Neveda Landscape Association Award Winners Announced

Signature Landscapes and Reno Lawn & Landscape sweep 16 contests.

November 11, 2009
Industry News

RENO, NV  – Signature Landscapes came out on top among several award winners for outstanding landscape maintenance and construction during the 19th Annual Nevada Landscape Association Banquet.

Signature Landscapes’ commercial teams swept the maintenance and construction categories winning first place in the top seven contests. “It’s fantastic to have worked so hard all year long to then see our efforts rewarded in such a big way,” says founding partner, Rick Clark. “Then to win first, second and even third in the top three maintenance categories really means a lot to me and our crews. They were the ones to put the energy into earning customer confidence and allowing us to do the work we love."

Signature Landscapes pitched a shut-out in the commercial maintenance category collecting every 1st, 2nd and 3rd place award in the contest. Divided into three categories; small, medium and large monthly contract amounts, the diverse properties awarded includes home owner associations, corporate centers and one of the big-3 hospitals.

Standout awards include construction work for The Grove at South Creek which earned first place in the Large Commercial Landscaping category. The landscape included complex paver and stone hardscapes with intricate shrub and tree environments surrounding the events center. The Double Diamond Parkway which received a xeriscape retrofit reducing water usage and maintenance costs, earned the company a first place award.

Signature Landscapes shared two other important awards for the evening. The Education/Research Award went to Jim Stanhouse for his dedication to the development and continuing growth of the NLA Certified Landscape Technician (CLT) program. He shared this award with TMCC’s Ellis Antunez. And finally, the association’s Tony Armstrong Humanitarian Award for contributions of labor and materials to the community. This award was shared with Moana Outdoor.

Overall Signature Landscapes and sister company Reno Lawn & Landscape walked away with 16 awards, the largest single win from a company in association history.

The residential maintenance teams of Reno Lawn & Landscape were proud to accept the first and third place trophies in the Large Residential Monthly Maintenance category for their work on the Haws and the Edwards residence’s, respectively. They won first place in the Small Residential Monthly Maintenance category for work on the Kieffaber residence as well.

The company also won first place in Small Commercial Maintenance for the challenging work of maintaining model homes for the Sparks community, Cassero, off of Vista Blvd.

“We’ve won top prizes in the past, but this year has been demanding,” says Lebo Newman, H.I.G. “This goes to our crews who were able to show our customers how important they are to us. These awards speak volumes and we’re just proud to be able to experience the recognition."

Complete Awards List below:

Signature Landscapes / Reno Lawn & Landscape – in bold

1. Large Commercial or Public Installation Landscaping costs exceeding $50,000,
a. Foothill Square (The Grove at South Creek)
2. Commercial Renovation
a. 1st: Double Diamond Master Association Retrofit
b. 2nd: Reno Sparks Convention & Visitors Authority, West Plaza Expansion
3. Large Commercial or Public Maintenance Monthly contract is $4,000 and up
a. 1st: Barron Way Building
b. 2nd: Reno Corporate
c. 3rd: Cimarron
4. Medium Commercial or Public Maintenance Monthly Contract $1,500 to $4,000
a. 1st: Esplanade HOA
b. 2nd: Longley Pro Campus
c. 3rd: Villas @ D’Andrea

5. Small Commercial or Public Maintenance Monthly Contract less than $1,500
a. 1st: Cassero Models, Reno Lawn & Landscape
b. 2nd: St. Mary’s Health
6. Large Residential Maintenance Monthly contract is $500 and up
a. 1st: Haws Residence, Reno Lawn & Landscape
b. 2nd: Langlotz Residence - Green Lizard Landscape, LLC
c. 3rd: Edwards Residence, Reno Lawn & Landscape
7. Small Residential Maintenance Monthly contract is under $500
a. 1st: Kieffaber Residence, Reno Lawn & Landscape
8. Residential Renovation $50,000 and above
a. 1st: Langlotz Residence - Green Lizard Landscape, LLC
9. Residential Renovation below $50,000 - Tie for 1st:
a. Sullivan / Dahlin Residence - Green Lizard Landscape, LLC
b. Middleton Residence - Moana Total Outdoor
10. Hardscaping
a. 1st: Gates Residence - Moana Total Outdoors
b. 2nd: Carson Tahoe Cancer Center
11. President’s Award
a. Langlotz Residence - Green Lizard Landscape, LLC
12. Tony Armstrong Humanitarian Award: (tie)
a. Signature Landscapes/Reno Lawn & Landscape and Moana Total Outdoors
13. Education/Research Award: (tie)
a. Jim Stanhouse and Ellis Antunez
14. Environmental Award:
a. Sullivan/Dahlin Residence - Green Lizard Landscape, LLC
15. Ambassador for the Green Industry Award:  Debra Rae Drew
16. Lifetime Achievement Award:  Bill Carlos