Turn to technology

Scouting the latest technologies helps with storm water management issues and complex landscaping requirements.

January 23, 2014
Kristen Hampshire
Design/Build and Hardscape

Managing water is big business in an environment where municipalities and watchful organizations are peaking a greater concern over the quality of water that’s running off of our properties. E-Landscape Specialty Solutions builds a range of bioretention facilities that effectively manage stormwater.

“We are doing a tremendous amount of rainwater harvesting now, including subsurface rain tanks,” says Eric Drenner, president and partner of E-Landscape Specialty Solutions in Davidsonville, Md.
The “special” effects the company offers include knowledge of Geo Tech fabrics, aggregate types, under-drain piping and bioretention soils that essentially purify water before it enters the system.

Staying on the leading edge of technologies that solve complex water management and other landscape concerns is a focus for e-Landscape Specialty Solutions. In fact, the company blogs about some of the latest tools and products they use to keep customers (and prospects) in the know.

Lawn & Landscape spoke with Drenner about a few technologies he’s excited about that help solve critical problems that clients experience.

Silva cells. It’s a modular building block that contains unlimited amounts of healthy soil below paving. The more healthy soil is available to trees and plants, the more they can grow and provide environmental and social benefit. E-Landscape uses Silva Cells in street tree panels and high-impact urban areas that don’t allow space for roots to spread out. “This solution provides uncompacted pathways for root systems to extend downward through the soil to get the nutrients and moisture they need,” Drenner says. “Without them, you can get plants that have stunted growth because of a lack of water and nutrients.”

Live roof trays. It’s basically pre-grown green roof in modular components, typically 2 by 4 feet in size. “When they are put together, you can instantly get a green roof without a lot of on-site construction and labor,” Drenner says. This speeds up green roof projects, and provides an aesthetic touch that appeals to clients. “You can really create some neat geometric environments with different colors and textures.”

Permeable pavers. Homeowners in the Chesapeake Bay area where e-Landscape is located have to pay great attention to pervious surface requirements. “A lot of times, people are forced to have a gravel driveway,” Drenner relates. Permeable pavers provide an appealing alternative that abides by storm water management regulations.