Sustainable practices

Sustainable practices

L&L's Environmental Business Awards was just one GIE+EXPO and HNA program focused on environmentally friendly and business savvy initiatives.

October 29, 2011
Lawn & Landscape
GIE+EXPO Show Coverage

The skies finally cleared up and Day 2 of GIE+EXPO and HNA brought more outdoor demonstrations, courses, products, networking and awards.

Lawn & Landscape handed out its Environmental Business Awards to three companies leading the industry by demonstrating a commitment to business practices that conserve, protect and enhance the environment. This year’s winners were: Pacific Landscape Management, Hillsboro, Ore.; Ruppert Landscape, Laytonsville, Md.; The Mustard Seed, Chaska, Minn.

Here are a few of the highlights that won each company the award.

In 2009, Pacific Landscape Management installed solar panels on its facility’s roof to produce 95 percent of the overall power usage. It also has 150 weather-based irrigation controllers installed, which has saved the company 30-40 percent on water usage. It is also updating its fleet with 150 pieces of new generation 2-cycle equipment that produces 80 percent less pollution.

The Mustard Seed has a 600-feet-long rain garden that it uses to channel runoff. The runoff then enters two sediment control ponds that cover more than 2 acres. The sediment control pond is then used to irrigate the nursery’s plants daily. The Mustard Seed also has installed a 39 kw 160-feet-tall wind turbine that provides 100 percent of the company’s electric.

Ruppert Landscape recently completed two environmentally-friendly projects. The green roof on Shady Grove Adventist Hospital has a stainless steel fountain, deck seating and patio area and boasts 30,000 sustainable plant materials. For Square 80 Plaza on George Washington University’s campus, Ruppert used biofiltration planters, underground cisterns, native plants and rain gardens. The sustainable initiatives allow the project to harvest 100 percent of the onsite rainwater for irrigation.

For more on each winner, check out the December issue of Lawn & Landscape.

New to the Outdoor Demonstration Area this year was irrigation. Members of PLANET’s newly formed Irrigation and Water Management Specialty Group organized the event, which brought contractors, suppliers and manufacturers together to teach attendees the basic things contractors can do to efficiently irrigate landscapes.

“The goal was to bring members of the industry together who wouldn’t necessarily work together and put them in an environment where they worked side by side,” said Ed Klaas of Southern Sprinkler Systems and a member of the specialty group.

There was information on smart controllers, water management and new products.

John Eggleston, chair of the group, said overall the hope was to build relationships and get the message out that the industry can’t have the green without the blue. Irrigation plays a vital role in landscapes and it’s important that contractors take the time to educate themselves and their staffs on how to efficiently water.

“The industry as a whole, we have to work together to put the message out about irrigation and its environmental benefits, its economic benefits and its psychological benefits,” Eggleston said.

And here are some of the product launch highlights from Friday's show:

Core Outdoor Power’s new line of GasLess outdoor power equipment
The pitch: Core Outdoor Power has announced its new, state-of-the-art, emission-free line of hand-help power equipment for the residential and commercial markets, starting in February 2012 with the GasLess CGT400 Trimmer.

  • The Conductor Optimized Rotary Energy (CORE)-powered equipment uses a printed circuit board stator that cooperates with permanent magnet rotors.
  • The prismatic power cells enable high-power output for up to 70 minutes.
  • The 8-pound (11 pounds with power cell) trimmer with instant trigger start offers comfort and convenience for operators.
  • This clean-technology trimmer significantly reduces noise and eliminates emissions compared with gas-powered equipment.
  • The CGT400 Trimmer will be available in February of 2012, followed by hedge trimmers, hand-held blowers, and backpack blowers in mid-2012, and a walk-behind mower in 2013.

Edging Revolution’s E3 Landscape Edging

The pitch: Edging Revolution has introduced its E3 Landscape Edging solution with unique pressure snap connection.

  • The new vinyl edging snaps together, eliminating the need for edging connectors.
  • Overlapping pieces means there’s no need to cut the edging to size, and there’s no leftover scrap pieces to end up in the landfill.
  • The edging is available in 7.5-foot or 10-foot pieces.

Bayer’s New Formulation for Armada 50WDG

The pitch: Bayer CropScience has announced a new formulation for its Armada fungicide, changing it from a wettable powder into a water soluble packaging to a water dispersible granule.

  • The fungicide is specifically formulated for lawn care operators for turfgrass and ornamental disease control and plant health benefits.
  • The product is now easy to measure and use in a backpack application or large mixing tank.
  • Now prescribed for turfgrass at a higher rate of 1.5 ounces per 1,000 ft2.
  • The unique dual mode of action combines systemic and local penetrant fungicides.

Toro’s Z Master Commercial 2000 Series Mowers

The pitch: The Toro Z Master Commercial 2000 Series zero turn mowers offer a solution for part-time landscape professionals and acreage owners.

  • The mower mixes features from Toro’s consumer TITAN MX and Z Master Commercial 3000 Series. 
  • The mowers are available in 48-inch, 52-inch, and 60-inch widths with 7/10-gauge steel and a bull-nose bumper.
  • The integrated hydrostatic transmission features commercial hydraulic components, eliminating hoses.
  • The 22-inch and 23-inch drive tires deliver traction and control.

New Holland Construction’s new 200 Series Skid-Steer Loaders

The pitch: New Holland Construction has launched seven new skid-steer loaders feature vertical lift Super Boom design with forward dump height and reach.

  • The 200 Series skid-steers load material to the center of trucks with a 53-degree dump angle.
  •  A new self-leveling bucket feature on five of the seven models allows attachments to maintain the preset location throughout the lift cycle.
  • Five models have a Super Boom loader arm design for enhanced lift and reach, and two compact models feature a radial lift design for digging.
  • The engines are 20 percent more hp than the previous L Series models.
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