Entering the green roof market? First, you’ll need an education.

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July 27, 2011
Carolyn LaWell

As the green roof market continues to grow, so will the opportunities for landscapers looking to add the service to its list of offerings.

But green roofs come are complex – a waterproofing membrane and weight limit are just a few of the differences. Those with green roof experience say the same thing: It’s nothing like designing and installing landscaping on the ground.

That said, companies can’t just wing a green roof project; an education on the process is needed. Here are a few of the options:

Accreditation. Green Roofs for Healthy Cities offers a Green Roof Professional accreditation that involves four training courses and an exam, as well as continual education.

Industry association courses and conferences. Many national and state associations, or even the international World Green Roof Conference, offer overview courses on green roofs.

Manufacturers. Many green roof manufacturers offer courses and even require that landscapers are certified in using their products before they sell them.