New flowers from Proven Winners

More than 20 flowers complete the ColorChoice 2010-11 line.

January 3, 2011
Supplier News

Here is what's new from Proven Winners ColorChoice 2010-11.

Lo & Behold ‘Purple Haze’
Buddleia ‘Purple Haze’ ppaf, cbraf
The 'Purple Haze' is the newest addition to the Lo & Behold series of dwarf, eco-friendly butterfly bush. It has a unique, horizontal, low spreading habit with feathery, deep green leaves, making it an excellent ground covering  plant. The dark purple-blue flowers radiate outward and downward like a purple pinwheel. It’s continuous blooming and is sterile so you don’t get unwanted seedlings in the garden. Developed by Dr. Dennis Werner of NC State University. USDA 5, AHS 9, 24-36-inches tall x 36-inches wide.

‘Miss Molly’
Buddleia ‘Molly’ ppaf, cbraf
This plant pushes the color spectrum even further with blooms boasting rich hues of dark Sangria-red. Red color may be more pronounced in the south. Developed by Dr. Dennis Werner of NC State University. USDA 5, AHS 9, 4-5 feet.

Wedding Ring
Buxus microphylla var. koreana ‘Eseles’, ppaf, cbraf
There are other variegated boxwood but no others with the hardiness and gloss of ‘Winter Gem’. This hardy, compact box comes from Gary Katerburg, the same breeder that brought us North Star. This evergreen has rich, glossy green foliage with a lime margin that matures to gold as summer progresses. It holds it color in summer and winter USDA Zone 5, AHS 8, 1-3 feet.

 Double Take Quince Collection
The Double Take series gives quince a complete makeover, starting with a display of big, double, camellia-like flowers in early spring. Look further and you’ll also notice these plants are thornless. These drought tolerant plants are excellent for hedging, mass planting, and flower arranging. They generally do not produce fruit. Developed by Thomas Ranney and his team at the Mountain Horticultural Crops Research & Extension Center in Asheville, N.C.  USDA 5, AHS 9, 4-5-feet tall and wide

Double Take Orange Storm
Big bright, orange camellia-like blooms burst open in early spring with occasional repeat blooms. Thornless.

Double Take Pink Storm
Deep pink flowers put on a stunning spring show in the garden center or the home garden. Thornless.

Double Take Scarlet Storm
Big, dark red, velvety flowers are a good in early spring. Occasional repeat blooms. Thornless.

Amaize N’ Blue
Chamaecyparis lawsoniana ‘Minlem’ ppaf, cbraf
A little Chamaecyparis, with blue-green juvenile foliage that turns gold in autumn. It is a compact, upright, pyramidal plant with soft foliage. It looks great in containers or as a small accent plant. It was selected from a seedling of ‘Ellwood’s Gold’ by Minier Nursery.  USDA Zone 6b, AHS 9, 12-48-inches tall x 6-24-inches wide

Snow Day ‘Blizzard’
Exochorda x ‘Blizzard’ ppaf, cbraf
This new pearl-bush is a blizzard of blooms just in time for spring retail sales. It has extra large flowers that are roughly twice the size of those of ‘The Bride.’ It can be pruned to keep small or trained into a small tree. USDA Zone 4, AHS 9, 5-6-feet tall and wide

Show Off Starlet Dwarf
F. x ‘Minfor6’, ppaf, cbraf
The same flower display you get with Show Off, but in a smaller package. This new dwarf forsythia is a mass of bright yellow spring flowers from base to tip, and is animpulse item for early spring sales. New from Minier Nursery of France. USDA Zone 5, AHS 9, 24-36-inches tall and wide

Candide Hibiscus
Hibiscus x ‘Joles’ ppaf, cbraf
A new color of hybrid hibiscus to go along with Tosca and Loengrin. This has large lavender-purple flowers in late summer. It makes a good small tree or large shrub. USDA Zone 5, AHS 9, 8-10 feet

Let’s Dance Big Easy
Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Berner’ ppaf, cbraf
This reblooming, mop-head hydrangea has the largest in the Let’s Dance series, or any other series for that matter. The huge blooms go through a progression of color changes, from pink/green to pink, and often back to green. USDA Zone 5, AHS 9, 2-3 feet

Good Vibrations
Juniperus horizontalis ‘Hegedus’ ppaf, cbraf
Unlike any other juniper, this is soft to the touch and provides dynamic, seasonal color changes. In the spring, it emerges a chartreuse hue, changes to bright yellow and then takes on orange hues in the autumn. A sport of ‘Hughes’, it has the same spreading, horizontal habit and easy to grow, drought tolerant culture. USDA 4-9, AHS 9, 1-foot-tall by 7-9-feet-wide

Celtic Pride
Microbiota decussata ‘Prides’
Russian cypress is a hardy low growing evergreen for sun or shade, but the species is often plagued with unsightly tip dieback. This new selection solves that as it has disease resistance and winter color. USDA Zone 3, AHS 7, 3-feet tall x 4-feet wide

Happy Face
Potentilla fruticosa ‘Lundy’ ppaf, cbraf
The flowers produce an abundance of big yellow flowers from spring until late summer. Its dense habit and dark, healthy foliage adds to its appeal. USDA 2, AHS 7, 2-3 feet

Oso Easy Mango Salsa
Rosa x ‘Chewper Adventure’ ppaf, cbraf
The continuous blooms have shades of ruby red grapefruit, summer sunsets and those fancy tropical drinks with umbrellas in them. They cover the tidy mound of dark, glossy foliage. USDA Zone 4, AHS 9, 2-3 feet

Home Run
R. x ‘WEKcisbako’ pp#18,552
Home Run is a true-red rose with continuous blooms and top level disease resistance to both black spot and powdery mildew. Plus it’s heat tolerant, cold hardy and requires no deadheading. USDA 4, AHS 9, 3.5-4 feet.

Pink Home Run
R. x ‘Wekphorn’ ppaf, cbraf
This flower has all the attributes of Home Run rose (continuous bloom, black spot and mildew resistance and heat tolerance) but with vivid, rich pink flowers. Just like Home Run, it is early to flower and produces fresh flowers every day. USDA 4, AHS 9, 3.5-4 feet

Oso Happy Petit Pink
R. ‘ZLEMarianneYoshida’ ppaf, cbraf
The sprays of petite, bubble gum pink flowers and small green leaves are reminiscent of a miniature rose, but this new variety is comparable to ‘The Fairy’ in its mature size.  A very refined mound with a strong continuous bloom and good disease resistance. A great rose for the shrub or perennial border. USDA Zone 4, AHS 9, 2.5-3.5 feet

‘American Pillar’
Thuja occidentalis pp#20209, cbraf
A sport of ‘Hetz Wintergreen’ selected for its dense branching structure and tall, narrow habit. It maintains this useful, desirable columnar shape with minimal pruning. It has tremendous potential in both the residential and commercial landscape market, and makes a fantastic specimen plant at retail. A single leader variety with good deer resistance, it is very hardy. NATIVE: North America. USDA Zone 3; AHS 8; 20-30-feet-tall x 3-5-feet wide

My Monet Sunset
Weigela florida ’Sunset’ ppaf, cbraf
This new dwarf weigela has very attractive gold foliage and nice red fall color. Grown primarily for its colorful foliage, it will occasionally produce soft, rosy pink flowers. Add it to the front of beds and borders for multi-season color.  USDA Zone 5, AHS 6, 12-18 inches

Spilled Wine
Weigela florida ‘Bokraspiwi’ ppaf, cbraf
The new look purple leaved weigela. Spilled Wine has dark red, wavy leaves and a spreading habit. Its hot pink-magenta flowers are similar to those of Wine & Roses, but this is a smaller plant that is wider than it is tall. Perfect for filling in spaces in a sunny border. USDA Zone 4, AHS 8, 24-inches tall x 36-inches wide