Milwaukee announces equipment tracker

Milwaukee announces equipment tracker

The TICK can track both tools and equipment via the ONE-KEY app.

January 5, 2017
Supplier News
MILWAUKEE, Wis. – Milwaukee Tool has introduced the TICK, a professional-grade Bluetooth tool and equipment tracker. Designed to withstand the harshest jobsite environments, the TICK can be easily attached and hidden from sight on any product, regardless of brand, providing users a way to track anything in their inventory through the ONE-KEY app.

With its low profile design, the TICK can securely attach to anything through glue, screw, rivet or strap. Its flat back enables a snug fit to a variety of surface types and its circular shape fits into a range of places hidden from view; for instance, the underside of a ladder or miter saw stand. Each TICK is also laser engraved with a serial number so users can easily identify and assign multiple TICKs. Once attached and hidden from view, the TICK makes tracking tools and equipment as simple as pulling out your phone.

Products with a TICK attached are paired via the ONE-KEY app. Tool records and locations are updated when any device with the ONE-KEY app comes within 100 feet of the TICK. These location updates are transmitted through any ONE-KEY app that’s in-range, regardless of whether the app is open or not, allowing users to pinpoint missing tools more quickly. In addition, users can easily manage all of their tools through the app’s Simplified Tool and Equipment Management features. These features allow users to assign and store detailed information for all of their tools and equipment – whether it’s a tool equipped with a TICK, a ONE-KEY enabled tool or any other tools and equipment.

The TICK is protected from the harshest environments – giving professionals peace of mind that they’ll receive updated locations of their tools and equipment, no matter what. Its water and dust-tight closure protect the internal components from weather elements, and UV rated plastics keep the TICK from getting brittle when exposed to extended periods of direct sunlight. In addition, its electronics housing can stand up to high vibration and impact, as well as heavy duty tracking applications, like underneath a generator.

The TICK will be available in February 2017. For more information on ONE-KEY please visit