Company acquires LandOpt license rights

Precision Landscape is the first Powered by LandOpt contractor in Minnesota.

January 9, 2017
Industry News
PITTSBURGH, Pa. – By acquiring exclusive LandOpt license rights in Henning, Minnesota, Precision Landscape & Irrigation becomes the first Powered by LandOpt contractor in the state of Minnesota, continuing the network’s expansion.  

As the first LandOpt Contractor to sign up for the Associate Program, Precision Landscape & Irrigation will implement systems and processes intended to improve overall business performance and fuel continued growth. Among other elements, LandOpt will introduce a professional, web-based learning platform that also includes on-site coaching and peer networking. 

Owner, Pat Morstad, has more than 33 years’ experience working in the field with an agronomy degree from Michigan State University with a concentration in both turf and landscaping. Morstad has constructed several golf courses over the years.

Morstad is excited to share ideas and best practices with the entire network. He is also eager to fully embrace the LandOpt systems and processes to achieve the aggressive growth goals he has set for his company over the next few years.

“For us, continued success is tied to continued growth. Adopting a more systematic approach company-wide will fuel that growth,” Pat noted. 

According to LandOpt Sales Manager Ryan Stroup, Precision Landscape & Irrigation fits the mold of an ideal Associate Program LandOpt Contractor. 

“Companies that are strong and successful in their own right are exactly what we are looking for,” he said. “Yet, change is not without challenge and that their continued success is dependent upon their ability to focus on their business processes and practices in order to remain competitive in a rapidly evolving industry.”