The Harvest Group announces monthly webinars for 2018

All webinars will provide contractors with easy-to-apply management and growth strategies.

January 17, 2018
Edited by Megan Smalley
Industry News

Wilton, CT – The Harvest Group announced it will have monthly webinars designed to help contractors grow all facets of business.

The webinars will be hosted by The Harvest Group – Bill Arman; Ed Laflamme, CLP; Steve Cesare, Ph.D.; Fred Haskett, LICM; Alison Hoffman; and Cindy Code. The webinars will feature proven, easy-to-apply management and growth strategies learned from years managing and growing landscape businesses.

All webinars run from 1:30 – 2:30 p.m. EST. The Harvesters Webinars cost $97 each or listen to them for free by joining the Harvest Way Academy by clicking here. Individuals can join the academy for $10 for the first month and $30 each month afterward. All webinars are recorded and archived. Gold members of LCIS also receive free access to these webinars.

The following is the schedule for webinars:

Jan. 29: How to Pay Your People – Compensation programs that motivate and foster loyalty. Presenters: Steve Cesare and Fred Haskett.

Feb. 19: Owners’ Survival Guide – A checklist of “elephant in the room subjects” that need to be addressed to help owners balance their personal and business lives. Presenters: Fred Haskett and Ed Laflamme.

March 19: The Secret to Successful Selling – Proven sales techniques to close more sales and make more money. Presenters: Ed Laflamme and Kelly Haskett.

April 23: Job Sequencing for Greater Profits – Simple processes to become more efficient and profitable. Presenters: Fred Haskett and Bill Arman.

June 18: Quality Counts! Learn how the Harvest Q.C. Program produces higher quality, greater profits and loyal clients. Presetners: Bill Arman and Ed Laflamme.

July 23: Top 7 Best Practices: What All Companies Should Know – Identify practices that lead to greater profits and a more valuable company. Presenters: Fred Haskett and Bill Arman.

Aug. 20: The Ultimate Account Manager – Learn what account managers need to do to keep your clients happy and make more money. Presenters: Fred Haskett, Ed Laflamme and Bill Arman.

Sept. 17: Preparing Your Company for Sale – Learn what it takes to make your company more valuable and more saleable. Presenters: Alison Hoffman and Ed Laflamme.

Oct. 29: Building Loyalty Programs for Team Members – Ideas and programs to motivate and retain key employees. Presenters: Ed Laflamme and Bill Arman.

Click here to register for the webinars.