CASE skid-steers integrate airless radial tires

CASE skid-steers integrate airless radial tires

The Michelin X Tweel SSL All-Terrain Airless Radial Tires are a new option for CASE skid-steers.

January 17, 2018
Edited by Megan Smalley
Supplier News

RACINE, Wis. – CASE Construction Equipment announced the availability of the Michelin X Tweel SSL All-Terrain Airless Radial Tires as factory-approved/supplied option on all skid-steer loader models. Airless radial tires perform just like a pneumatic tire, but without the risk and costly downtime associated with penetrations and impact damage.

The Michelin X Tweel SSL is one single unit, replacing traditional tire/wheel/valve assemblies. There is no need for complex wheel/tire mounting equipment. There is no air pressure to maintain once each tire is bolted on. The AT models feature a deep open tread design for improved cleaning and traction, and a deep layer of undertread allows the core to be retread many times.

“CASE offers a broad range of skid-steer tires to meet the needs of a variety of applications from general dirt work and landscaping, to road-building, excavation and mining/aggregate environments,” said George MacIntyre, product manager for skid-steer loaders at CASE Construction Equipment. “The addition of airless radial tires to our lineup of factory-available options expands our current offering and shows our commitment to advanced technology, as well as our dedication to providing our customers with a growing array of machine options that can have a positive impact on total cost of ownership.”

The Michelin X Tweel SSL provides stability and enables a skid-steer loader to work rapidly with more comfort for the operator. It delivers a consistent footprint with stronger wear life that is two to three times that of a pneumatic tire at equal tread depth. The proprietary design provides great lateral stiffness, while resisting damage and absorbing impacts. In addition, the unique energy transfer within the high-strength, poly-resin spokes reduce the “bounce” associated with pneumatic tires.