Audubon International partners with Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies

The environment education organization and Nutrient Recovery Technology company will work together to create sustainable communities.

January 20, 2011
Supplier News

SELKIRK, N.Y. – Audubon International has formed a strategic partnership with Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies whereby Ostara will join Audubon International’s Initiative Sponsors.  Ostara, the developer of the Pearl Nutrient Recovery Process technology that recovers phosphorus and ammonia from wastewater streams and transforms them into an environmentally-friendly, slow-release fertilizer marketed and sold by the company as Crystal Green, has become a “Contributor” level sponsor. Ostara will play an important role in helping Audubon International reach educational and environmental program goals.  
In addition to Ostara’s financial support, this partnership will enhance mutual efforts to promote more sustainable communities, develop innovative ways to reduce nutrient load to waterways and provide effective, more sustainable fertilizers for golf courses, parks and other landscape-based operations.  
As a non-profit environmental education organization, Audubon International relies on support from partner organizations and corporations to meet many program goals. “The business model and vision of Ostara matches our goal to foster more sustainable communities, in this case focusing on community-wide watershed improvement,” said Kevin Fletcher, executive director for Audubon International. “We look forward to working with Ostara to further our mutual sustainability goals in towns and cities across America and as a collaborative model for making change happen in some new and exciting ways.”
“Being part of Audubon’s Initiative Sponsors’ program is an important milestone for Ostara,” said Phillip Abrary, president and CEO of Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies. “This new partnership reflects a strong, mutual goal toward providing education and technology to municipalities with the goal of watershed protection, resource recovery and environmental stewardship. We look forward to a productive partnership with Audobon International and to working alongside this progressive organization to help create more sustainable communities throughout North America.”