JobFLEX announces industry app

The company will provide contractors with an app specifically for use in the field.

February 27, 2014

SPARTA, Mich. – JobFLEX, a Midwest software company, has released their new app that provides lawn care and landscaping contractors with new mobile technology designed specifically to create professional quotes and estimates in the field. Simply upload a material/pricing list, logo and terms and conditions and the app is ready to go. Take pictures on-site or import photos saved on the tablet to enhance quotes and sell more work on the spot. JobFLEX empowers users to save valuable time spent in the office, buried in paperwork so you can spend more time doing what they do best: serving more customers, selling more work, and generating more revenue.

Early adopters of JobFLEX have seen incredible returns after implementing their mobile application and online portal. JobFLEX can pay for itself within the first month and can add over 50 percent to your bottom line in the first year.

JobFLEX cuts down time spent back in the office on scheduling, paperwork, and project coordination, higher closing rates due to on-the-spot quote generation, and a big surge in revenues as sales teams are able to generate more business with their newfound freedom from cumbersome paperwork.

The Michigan software firm, JobFLEX, is owned and operated by a team of professionals with decades of experience in the contracting business. The digital application was born after years of seeing software companies failing to deliver simple, mobile solutions designed with contractors and their workflows in mind.

JobFLEX is designed to focus on four key components to running a successful contracting business:
• Flexibility: Generate proposals on-site to facilitate sales more quickly and efficiently without having to trek back to the office.
• Simplicity: Create attractive and effective proposals and get customer signatures on the spot with no typing required.
• Efficiency: Save yourself the time, money, and hassle with a paperless process that keeps job files at your fingertips.
• Profitability: Stop wasting time in the office under piles of paperwork and start closing sales quickly.

“Time is money in the contracting world. Our priority is to reduce the time contractors have to spend stuck in the office and dealing with paperwork so they can be out in the field doing what they do best – serving their customers and closing more sales,” said Sam Flanery, President of JobFLEX. “JobFLEX provides the simplicity and mobile capability to generate quotes in under 3 minutes, get customer signatures on the spot, and boost the bottom line for our users.”

JobFLEX is available for all Android 4.0 or higher devices (phones and tablets) and also includes a web-portal with customer management, scheduling, digital file storage, and data export features to keep the back office running as smoothly as the sales process.