Western Products introduces new products

Western Products introduces new products

Information on the new additions will be available on the website in May.

March 15, 2017
Supplier News

MILWAUKEE, Wis. – Western Products has added a new RB-400 rotary broom and SS-120 liquid sprayer to complete its line of commercial-quality walk-behind products. It has also introduced the new Western Defender compact snowplow. The Defender is designed specifically to fit mid-size pickups and SUVs.

The new RB-400 walk-behind rotary broom is a combination sweeper and plow blade that cleans pavement along buildings, curbs and sidewalks. The plow helps remove heavy snow, while the centrally driven broom delivers a clean finish.

The rotary broom features adjustable rotation speed and adjustable down-pressure, so it can adapt to any job. The pivoting broom head also allows users to direct the snow trajectory exactly where they want it to go. Seven handlebar height settings, active-assist steering and 360-degree turning help assure user comfort.

For crucial anti-icing efforts, Western now offers the new SS-120 walk-behind liquid sprayer. By applying liquid anti-icing treatment before the storm, operators can prevent snow and ice from forming a bond with the pavement, so it’s easy to scrape clean down to the surface.

The battery-powered SS-120 walk-behind sprayer features a height-adjustable nozzle that sprays up to four feet wide and includes a convenient spray wand for stairs, entryways and other hard-to-reach places.

“We’re committed to helping our customers get more jobs done faster, and often times those jobs include sidewalks, stairs and other tough spots,” said Doug Clark, product manager of Western Products. “With this full line of products, we’re excited to give our customers everything they need to outfit their sidewalk crews.”

The new Western Defender features a high-strength, low-weight, alloy-steel blade, which is stronger and lighter than conventional steel. Six vertical ribs reinforce the blade, deliver torsional strength and eliminate blade twisting. A full-trip moldboard helps protect the plow and truck when encountering hidden obstacles.

New to all Western plows in 2017 – including the Defender compact plow – are brighter, dual-bulb NIGHTHAWK halogen headlamps. Their longer beam pattern improves visibility, and the improved mounting system absorbs shock and vibration better.

The Defender snowplow is packed with other features, including:

  • 5" hardened-steel cutting edge, providing long-lasting performance and a clean scrape
  • Scrape Lock, which provides the scraping performance of a larger plow without the extra weight
  • Choice between CabCommand hand-held or joystick controls

Information on these new Western products will be available on the Western website in May 2017.