Industry-related comic strip released

Industry-related comic strip released

Landscape Leadership created Green Ways to teach and make people laugh at the same time.

April 17, 2017
Industry News

AUSTIN, Texas – Landscape Leadership, a sales and marketing agency for green industry companies, has created Green Ways, a new comic strip featuring a cast of characters from the fictitious landscape contractor, Greenbelt Outdoor Services.

“Comics have always been an effective way to get a point across,” said Chris Heiler, Landscape Leadership CEO. “This is another way for us to share our experiences and insight with lawn and landscape professionals, yet do it in a fun way that resonates with our audience.”

Green Ways will focus mostly on marketing and sales-related issues that impact companies every single day. “If you’ve made a career in the lawn and landscape industry, our stories will be familiar to you,” Heiler said. “We’re going to sprinkle in the good, bad and ugly of growing a landscaping business.”

Eighteen comic strips will be released starting in April through the end of 2017, all drawn by professional illustrator, Jonathan Brown. “It’s amazing how Jonathan gives life to our crazy ideas,” Heiler said.

The first comic strip, titled Branding, has been released on the Landscape Leadership blog, and illustrates how easily employees can negatively impact your company’s good name. Each new comic strip will be delivered via email if subscribed to the Landscape Leadership blog.