Give employees career paths

Give employees career paths

Learn why it’s important to give employees a clear career path.

April 6, 2018
Dan Dohar
Industry News Labor/HR

It’s important for landscapers to have a career path, particularly if they hope to grow in this industry. If one of our team members doesn’t have a specific career path in mind, we provide steps for more general career growth and broader ideas for roles. However, when a team member states they want to continue their career with the job they have, we must provide them with a clear path for growth.

Not all companies in the green industry show a clear career path for their team members. Employees come to work in our industry with a passion for landscaping. Day in and day out, they work hard, but this can be discouraging if they do not see the fruits of their labor nor a path for growth. So, it is important to show all employees that their job can become a career, and then provide them with guidance to obtain their goals.

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