Tips for finishing hardscape jobs strong

Tips for finishing hardscape jobs strong

Contractors must be precise and patient when finishing hardscape jobs.

April 9, 2018
Megan Smalley
Design/Build and Hardscape Industry News

Hardscape construction jobs require patience since estimating and rushing on these jobs can result in a poor final product.

For example, contractors should avoid guessing how much bedding sand to use on a pavement project. Patrick Perugino, owner of Picture It Landscape & Design in London, Ontario, says he sees many contractors put in too much bedding sand as a result of guesswork on projects.

“(My company) has received calls to repair patios and driveways because the original installer had too much bedding sand and everything pushed and sunk. We actually see this quite often – people miscalculate and add too much sand instead of doing it proper,” he says. So, it’s important to use exact, measured amounts of material throughout the job to make sure it’s done right to prevent the client from calling back for repairs.

The final steps of hardscape construction jobs include applying polymeric sand, sealer and cleaner. Perugino says these are key steps to extending the life of a pavement, so precision and patience matter.

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