The April digital edition is live

The April digital edition is live

Landscapers' significant others share what the industry is like from their perspective.

April 10, 2018
Megan Smalley
Industry News

The April issue is live, and this month Lawn & Landscape talked to significant others of landscapers to find out what the industry is like from their perspective. Several couples shared what life is like for them with one or both of them working in the green industry. They shared tips on how they achieve work-life balance, as well. Click here to read their stories.

Last April, Lawn & Landscape featured a story on contractors in their first couple of years of operating a landscaping company fulltime. We followed up with Glen Allen Grounds and Deep Roots Landscaping to see how they have been doing since last year. Click here for an update on the companies.

Lawn & Landscape also received updates from the 2018 Turnaround Tour companies. As these companies prepare for the busy season, they recognized they need to get their pricing right, figure out plans of attack and delegate responsibilities. To find out their plans for spring, click here.

Canada-based International Landscaping shares their story of why they transitioned to a fully electric maintenance fleet a few years ago. Click here to find out why an all-electric fleet was a good fit for them.

To read the rest of the April issue, click here.