Environmental benefits of electric equipment

Environmental benefits of electric equipment

International Landscaping provides reasons it transitioned its maintenance fleet to electric.

April 12, 2018
Lauren Rathmell
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With corporations moving toward sustainability, landscape contractors are taking steps toward electric equipment to promote sustainability and better serve their clients.

Canada-based International Landscaping transitioned to a fully electric maintenance fleet a few years ago, with an official launch in 2016. The company maintains about 500 acres a week for corporate clients. All maintenance performed by their technicians is done with electric equipment, including mowers, trimmers and blowers.

“We had a few pieces of electric equipment but we weren’t running on complete electricity,” says Michael-Anthony Gucciardi, environmental sustainability manager at International Landscaping.

A client suggestion got the company to consider electric equipment. After making a few contacts in the United States, International Landscaping began the transition. Their electric equipment has doubled since the launch.

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