Out of the box

Out of the box

The April issue looks at how you can use prefabricated kits to give your customers the outdoor living spaces they want and cut down on labor.

May 9, 2017
Industry News

As outdoor spaces become more and more complicated with elements like fireplaces, kitchens, bars and more, contractors are looking at prefabricated kits to take on more jobs and finish them faster.

Matt Ladd, owner of Ladd-Scapes in Harriman, Tennessee, uses a lot of kits for outdoor living areas. The company also uses ready-to-finish products for a more custom application. Those products are basically preassembled and Ladd-Scapes can then choose stone, sandstone, brick or any other façade to finish the job.

The company has been using kits for 10 years, but does a good mix of custom and prefabricated installations. Serving the greater Knoxville area, Ladd-Scapes installs pavers, retaining walls, outdoor living areas and more.

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