Gachina participates in community outreach project

Gachina participates in community outreach project

The company helped with the building renovation of JobTrain's facilities.

May 15, 2017
Industry News

On Saturday, April 29, in partnership with IFMA Silicon Valley and The GROW Organization, Gachina Landscape Management participated in the building renovation of neighbor and longtime partner JobTrain at 1200 O'Brien Drive in Menlo Park. JobTrain transforms lives and communities in Silicon Valley. They help the Valley's most in need reclaim their lives from poverty and unemployment by preparing them for successful, sustainable careers in high-demand and emerging fields. Their purpose is to improve the lives of people in their community through assessment, attitude and job skills, training and high potential job placement.

Gachina has partnered with JobTrain on projects for more than 25 years and has been involved in Rebuilding Together projects with IFMA SV since 2008. Gachina renovated both sides of the front entrance and entry pathway from the sidewalk to the facility. With 23 volunteers – crew and management level employees – Gachina removed all existing plant material and replaced with drought-tolerant plants, adjusted the irrigation system as needed and top-dressed with mulch. The existing plant material was dated, more than 10 years old, and in need of renovation. The new plant material is water-wise and gives the facility a fresh look. Gachina donated all labor, materials (plant, mulch, irrigation parts) and equipment to perform this renovation – valued at more than $16,000. Read more at the Gachina blog.

Other improvements to JobTrain facilities included minor construction, electrical, vct flooring and painting. Other sponsors included BAB Facilities, CFS, DFS Green, Dome Construction Corporation, Kelly-Moore Paints, Kitchell Facilities Management, Mai Construction Inc., Reliable Concepts Corporation, Sabah International, Sunrise Painting Inc. and XL Construction. Lunch was provided by Cosmopolitan Catering. Click here to learn about other community outreach efforts.