How profit sharing programs increase productivity

How profit sharing programs increase productivity

After Landscape Workshop started profit sharing and incentive programs, the company increased productivity.

May 11, 2018
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Photo courtesy of Landscape Workshop

After a shift in leadership, Landscape Workshop, a multimillion-dollar company, realized in order to grow, its employees needed to better understand what it takes to make a profit.

“There really wasn’t any growth happening at the time,” says Christianna Denelsbeck, finance and operations manager for Landscape Workshop. “The company was losing profits and the employees didn’t see how we could start gaining revenue while providing the same quality of service.”

Paul Young, COO, joined Landscape Workshop in 2014, a time when the company was losing money.

“The (managers) thought they were making money,” he says. “They were doing good work, but they were shocked to see the actual numbers.”

Young says the company had absolutely no transparency before he started working for them. The managers didn’t even realize that the business was actually losing money, not making it.

When Young joined the team, the company started profit sharing and rolled out an incentive program in 2015 along with it. From there, revenue and profit grew. Landscape Workshop landed the 47th spot on this year’s Top 100 list with $34.7 million in revenue, up from 54 in 2017.

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