How vehicles drive brand awareness

How vehicles drive brand awareness

Use the company vehicles to share branding and marketing messages with the community.

May 14, 2018
Kristen Hampshire
Industry News
Photo courtesy of Blades of Green

“I saw your truck at the neighbors’. Can I get an estimate?”

Aaron Wiltshire has received plenty of calls like these, thanks to his fleet of trucks wrapped with the Oklahoma Landscape logo – an artistic letter ‘O’ with graphic wisps of grass that make a sophisticated, professional impression. Wiltshire invested in a marketing firm to create the logo with the idea that this visual would carry the Tulsa, Oklahoma-based business forward for at least a decade. So far, that’s proven to be the case.

Wiltshire is getting lots of mileage from his branded vehicles.

“It’s a silent message, and you don’t realize how much it can penetrate into the psyche of your local market,” he says, noting that consistency is the key. Every truck carries the same logo. Team members’ uniforms are stamped with it and so are company communications.

A clean, identifiable vehicle says: We’re in business.

“It definitely sends the right message to the market,” Wiltshire says, adding that there’s a security aspect to wrapping vehicles, too. Customers and prospects know who’s driving the truck parked in their driveways. Not to mention, with more than 10 vehicles on the road every day, there’s something to be said about the “mass marketing” aspect of vehicle wraps.

Taking a less subtle approach, Mark Leahy, owner of Blades of Green in Harwood, Maryland, started wrapping his trucks in 2005 with bold messaging and graphics that literally stop traffic. The company has a fleet of 57 billboards-on-wheels that give people a taste of the bold, proud company culture. “We have fun with it,” Leahy says.

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