Winning out West

Winning out West

The May issue looks at how Aaron Clark sustains a culture of teamwork that drives his people to succeed.

May 17, 2017
Industry News

Providing phone and internet services isn’t that different from providing lawn care services. In fact, they’re “eerily similar,” says Aaron Clark, who has launched companies in both industries.

Aaron Clark bought Desert Foothills Landscape two years ago. The company provides design/build, maintenance and irrigation services in Cave Creek, Arizona, just north of Phoenix.

At the telecom company Clark started and ran for 11 years, technicians installed equipment for his patented technology, and then performed monthly maintenance. Now, Clark manages technicians who install landscapes and irrigation systems, and provide ongoing sprinkler service and lawn care maintenance.

“What the workforce is doing may be different, but managing that business was almost identical to managing this business,” says Clark, who purchased Desert Foothills Landscape in Cave Creek, Arizona, north of Phoenix, two years ago.

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