Underhill Auditmaster kit helps turf managers evaluate sprinkler performance

The kit includes the tools necessary to audit and evaluate system performance.

June 9, 2010
Supplier News

LAKE FOREST, Calif. – Underhill introduces AuditMaster, a professional irrigation auditing kit that helps trained personnel measure the amount of water that is being applied  – and determine if sprinklers are performing to expectations.

The AuditMaster LT kit includes all the tools necessary to audit and evaluate system performance, based on Irrigation Association Guidelines and covered in IA audit classes.

Once an evaluation is complete and results are analyzed, the turf manager may decide to replace underperforming sprinklers; switch out worn nozzles; relocate or adjust heads; or trim landscape obstructions, such as overgrown shrubs and ground covers. The kit typically determines results the same day.

Underhill says irrigation audits will become routine, especially in California as the state’s Water Conservation Act takes effect.

The AuditMaster kit includes:

  • wheeled duffle bag to store the equipment
  • 30 large CatchCanPro cups with inches and centimeters
  • 100-foot measuring tape; ¾” POC hose bib with 160 psi pressure gauge
  • pitot tube attached to a 30-inch flex hose with 160 psi pressure gauge
  • sprayhead tester adapter with 160 psi pressure gauge
  • stop watch
  • anemometer
  • yellow marking flags (50)
  • 21-inch wire staff and 4” x 5” flag