Village Nurseries launches website for landscape designers

The online tool offers ideas for design inspiration and plant materials.

June 22, 2011
Supplier News

ORANGE, Calif. – Landscape architects, designers and contractors who want to add their personal creative vision to commercial and residential landscapes often lack a centralized resource that informs them of new, rare and unusual plant materials. In addition to reliable favorites, they also seek essential information such as availability and appropriateness for their particular geographic region.

Village Nurseries, a specialty grower for landscape professionals, recently redesigned its website to provide a beneficial and vast resource.

“Our redesigned website is a tool landscape professionals can use to find design inspiration, attract new clients with unique landscapes, satisfy existing clients and perhaps even win awards,” said David House, Village Nurseries CEO. “We are constantly searching for new and unique plant materials to grow that will beautify the landscape and help our customers differentiate their projects. And now, thanks to our Grower Alliance Program with Monrovia, as well as additional proprietary lines such as Flower Carpet Roses from Anthony Tesselaar Plants, new introductions from Plant Haven, and PDSI’s Encore Azalea, landscape professionals can find plant materials here that other wholesalers don’t offer.”

Features of Village Nurseries’ New website:

Revised, updated plant library.
An expanded catalogue describes most every plant Village Nurseries grows along with vital data, such as climate, hardiness, characteristics, bloom content, height and width. The catalogue is a tool for professionals who want a single resource for specifying colorful new options or personal favorites that grow and thrive in their region. New introductions are updated regularly.

Wholesale experience.
Landscape professionals can find:

  • What’s Growing Today, a sampling of the wide range of materials available this week.
  • New Introductions, highlighting new varieties of plant materials that Village Nurseries is constantly adding to its inventory.
  • Availabilities, a private area where subscribers logon to gain access to a full list of plant materials currently available and customize favorite plant lists in a format they can store for future use or share with clients.
  • A current inventory of proprietary and patented Monrovia varieties and design favorites that are among the most sought-after plant materials in the United States.
  • A current inventory of exclusive Anthony Tesselaar family of plants specifically selected to be environmentally friendly and easy to care for.
  • Business tools such as a calculator for determining the number of plants in an area, a USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map, credit applications, etc.
  •  Keep In Touch, featuring the latest nursery news while allowing subscribers to follow Village Nurseries on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Village Nurseries Landscape Contractor Centers.
  • A customer service locator to find your local sales representative.