No job too big (or small)

No job too big (or small)

Victor Parrales went from cleaning up after jobs to temporarily running Professional Grounds when owner Bill Trimmer had a health scare.

July 10, 2017

Victor Parrales once managed an accounting department of 35 people, but at Professional Grounds, he was working with a wheelbarrow and a broom sweeping curbs. That was on top of working at a car wash and as a dishwasher.

For some, those jobs would be viewed as a step down – a job not worthy of someone coming from the white-collar world.

But Parrales, now vice president of operations, had the complete opposite approach the day he was handed that broom and shown the wheelbarrow.

“I’m going to grow my position,” he says. “I know I am going to grow with this company. With effort, I am going to show them I am the best employee they could ever hire.”

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