Proven Winners adds Home Run rose to line up

Expands distribution of Home Run, the most disease resistant rose on the market today.

July 1, 2010
Supplier News

GRAND HAVEN, Mich. – Proven Winners ColorChoice today announced an exclusive agreement with Weeks Roses to distribute and market the Home Run rose across North America within the Proven Winners ColorChoice line of flowering shrubs.

Home Run is a recently developed hybrid, derived from the bestselling black spot-free rose, with the added benefit of total resistance to powdery mildew. Home Run is easy-to-grow, thrives in most landscape conditions and requires little maintenance. It’s also tolerant of heat, humidity and drought; blooms from spring until frost; and produces nearly non-stop blooms of showy “fire–engine” red.

“Home Run rose is the most disease resistant rose available on the market,” says Tim Wood, product development and marketing manager for Proven Winners ColorChoice. “You will be hard pressed to find something to stop this rose from blooming. Both of these unique qualities make Home Run rose a perfect fit to join the Proven Winners ColorChoice line up.”

Home Run rose is a hybrid cultivar fathered by the Knock Out Rose. But unlike its famously popular forerunner, Home Run has natural immunity to black spot and powdery mildew – diseases common with other rose bushes.  Black spot and powdery mildew distort the leaves and reduce the foliage of roses. Both often spread to infect other rose plants in the garden. Home Run is the first rose on the market that will remain completely free from these diseases over the entire lifetime of the plant.

Home Run blooms nearly continuously with five-petaled blossoms of an intense shade of flame-red, from late spring to first frost. It is the first to flower in spring and has an amazingly short re-flowering time of only 30 days.

Compact, growing only 2 to 3 feet in height, this flowering shrub rose can fit more easily into any sized garden. Its abundant dark green foliage provides a great contrasting background to the fiery crimson flowers.

Home Run rose is heat tolerant and hardy in colder temperatures, so it can thrive from Texas to Michigan, zone 10 to zone 4. It’s also easy to grow and easy to maintain, with no deadheading required. With Home Run, you can enjoy deep red blooms everyday from summer until frost, with only a minimum of effort on your part.

Proven Winners ColorChoice expects the Home Run rose will be available for growers in July 2010, with the rose available for consumers starting in spring 2011.  In addition, a new pink sport of Home Run is in development for anticipated release in 2012.