The July issue is live

The July issue is live

This month's magazine is our annual Water Issue.

July 12, 2017

The July issue is live. This month, read about how water is a topic uniting landscapers from across the country. We specifically highlight contractors in Connecticut, who looked to traditionally drought-stricken areas when they needed to figure out what to do about their own drought conditions. We also talk to three homeowners in three different drought-affected states to get their insights.

You can also read about how green spaces are being used more efficiently as new residential and commercial developments are built to meet rising population needs.

If you're trying to make your irrigation jobs more efficient, the answer may lie in the software you're using to design them.

This year's University of Georgia’s Next Top Entrepreneur is Jesse Lafian, a recent college graduate who invented a water availability sensor so contractors know how much water different soil on their land needs.

And as chemical rules change, sustainable solutions for lake and pond management can help keep your company complaint.

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