Clintar Landscape Management hits 40 years

The company celebrated the anniversary by opening two new franchises.

July 24, 2013
Industry News

Courtesy of Clintar Landscape Management

MARKHAM, ONTARIO – Clintar Landscape Management is celebrating its 40th anniversary and has opened two new franchises.

Recent additions to the Clintar network are in Calgary, Alberta, and in Vancouver, British Columbia. Vancouver operations have been underway since January and the Calgary franchise started up in early May.

Bob Wilton started the property maintenance company in 1973 as a small weed control service, adding grass-cutting and landscaping a couple of years later. In the early 1980s, when he wanted to grow his business through franchising and now has 24 franchises in operation from coast to coast: from New Brunswick to British Columbia and New Jersey to Florida.

“It was an unconventional move, using franchise marketing to build a landscape management business,” Wilton says. “But I knew that entrepreneurs would see the value in being part of a professional organization with a lot of experience and an established reputation with very large customers. They did, and they still do. We’re still growing that way, adding new owners in new cities.

“Our success, getting to 40 years, moving into the future with pride – it’s all based on having franchisees who commit to the business with a full tank of gas,” Wilton says. “We’re not selling service, we’re selling relationships. Combine this with a system of strict, proven, company-wide guidelines; this is how we outperform.”

Clintar provides year-round care and maintenance for customers with large outdoor spaces, such as property management companies, corporations, hospitals, large retailers, and home owner associations. Services include landscape design and construction, landscape maintenance, irrigation systems, litter pick-up, parking lot cleaning, line-painting, and snow and ice control.

Steady growth took Clintar to $10 million in sales for the first time in 1999; today its annual sales sit at more than $50 million.

In 2013, to celebrate its 40th anniversary, Clintar is using the slogan, “Green since 1973,” a nod to the organization’s familiar green vehicles, uniforms and overall branding, but also to its commitment to protecting the environment.

“What it means to be ‘green’ has evolved over the years and it continues to evolve,” Wilton says. “Our work is the environment. Of course we have to reduce our impact on the environment as we beautify it. We take only essential trips, and we continue to update our fleets and use new technologies that can improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.”