Little Wonder introduces new blower line

The 2011 Optimax line features, for the first time, a self-propelled blower.

August 2, 2011
Supplier News

Little Wonder, a brand of landscaping and debris management outdoor power equipment, has released a new version of the Little Wonder Blower. The new blower line comes with enhanced capabilities, timesaving new features and self-propelled models.

2011 Optimax Blower Line Features:
•    Large Discharge Chute Opening – Up to 25 square inches (depending on model), providing broader air coverage through the patented split-stream air deflector that directs the airstream wherever you need it to be most productive, eliminating blowback of lightweight materials and providing single-pass clearance of even the heaviest debris, standing water and rock aggregate.
•    New Remote Split-Stream Air Deflector Control (available on most models) – Instant on-the-fly one hand adjustment of split-stream airflow direction right from the operator’s handle.
•    Low Air Discharge Chute – Positioned two-inches off the ground to provide leveled airflow right out of the chute for immediate dispersal of debris and maintains high volume airflow over farther distances.  
•    One Piece Deck & Lower Handle – This deck is stable and rugged so it will last when tilted, turned and driven over rough ground.  The one-piece lower handle makes a solid base that also protects the engine.
•    Enhanced fan – The all-steel closed face design is used on all models, and two-plane balanced on the 270cc and larger versions.  This more precise balancing reduces vibration and internal stresses.
•    New Handle – Wide arc, height adjustable, cushion gripped handle for easy maneuverability and comfortable operation.
•    Easier Transport – Steel rear transport bracket and new dual tie-down mounts welded to the top of the blower housing provide for easy, secure transport. A convenient lift handle is welded to the lower housing for ease in lifting.
•    Tires –     Push models feature tubed pneumatic tires that tackle curbs, patios and sidewalks with     ease and help to absorb vibration on bumpy terrain. Tubes standard.
        Self-propelled drive models feature large 13” pneumatic rear turf tread tires for a wider             stance and exceptional traction.

The steel tough integrity of Little Wonder blowers shines through the new modern design of the Optimax line – a strong theme that utilizes stark color contrasts to emphasize the features that are uniquely synonymous with Little Wonder blowers. The new color scheme highlights the scrolled housing, multiple air streams and patented split-stream air deflector yet stays true to the Little Wonder white housing and handle heritage.

Little Wonder offers three categories of Optimax blower – Classic, Fully Featured, and, for the first time, Self-Propelled.