Ewing Irrigation & Landscape Supply announces organizational changes

The supply company will make five strategic transitions.

August 10, 2017
Supplier News

PHOENIX – Ewing Irrigation & Landscape Supply announced organizational changes to better position the company for future growth, while improving ongoing support for its locations.

To support these efforts, Ewing has implemented five strategic transitions to provide greater and more focused support to its stores and employees. These transitions include re-defining and aligning Ewing’s geographic divisions, focusing on employee development and customer education with the creation of the talent resources department, merging several shared financial services into one department, combining sales and marketing teams and strengthening its focus on business development.

“Our new company structure is positioning Ewing for growth through increased support and resources for our customers, employees and stores. We have a tenured executive team, leading our efforts and creating greater opportunities for our Ewing Family of employees,” said Douglas W. York, President and Chief Executive Officer.

In the transition, Ewing will go from three geographic regions with three division vice presidents, to four divisions. The talent resources department will include employee relations administration, employee development and customer training, offering more resources to Ewing employees and customers. Under the shared financial services department, accounting, credit administration, financial analysis, facilities, real-estate and security will be brought together to provide more consistency and availability to Ewing locations.