Toro announces wireless watering technology

Toro announces wireless watering technology

The soil monitoring sensors help save water.

August 11, 2017
Supplier News

RIVERSIDE, Calif., – Toro’s WaterSmart technology includes the Toro Turf Guard Soil Monitoring system which includes wireless mesh network technology to monitor moisture levels, salinity levels and soil temperatures.

The Pro Series Soil Sensor can be used with Toro’s Sentinel Central Irrigation control systems to monitor moisture level trends in the soil. The sensor transmits real-time moisture data every five minutes. The information allows the customers to automate or manually adjust irrigation. A probe design includes a tether that allows moisture measurements to be taken just below grade, to up to three and a half feet below the surface.

The Toro Precision Soil Sensor continuously measures soil moisture and works with any irrigation controller. The controller tells the system to water only when it is needed.

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