Armstrong Growers signs as a Proven Winners Licensed Landscape Grower

The new program allows growers to provide only one label per tray.

August 11, 2011
Supplier News

BONSALL, CA – EuroAmerican Propagators, home of the Proven Winners plant brand, has signed on Armstrong Growers as the newest Landscape Licensee in the North American market. As a supplier of plant material to landscapes in the Southern California, Las Vegas and other outreaching southwestern markets, this new agreement will allow Armstrong Growers to provide Proven Winners plants with more education and more marketing support, as well as supplying the plants more economically than before with reduced plastic waste. 

Signing the agreement allows a grower to become part of a group of licensed landscape suppliers. These growers have access to more educational tools and to promotional funds used to promote the product to the landscape industry. Growers will also be able to meet landscapers’ needs by only providing one tag per tray, making it more efficient and economical for the professional landscape market.

By becoming a Proven Winners licensed landscape grower through EuroAmerican Propagators, Armstrong Growers can supply the landscape industry with the Proven Winners line in a more landscape friendly format.  

“We realize that labeling requirements are different for landscapers than for our traditional retail customers. This new program allows licensed landscape growers such as Armstrong to provide only one label per tray, resulting in savings on plants and labor cleanup costs” says Siena Randall, Southwestern regional sales manager at EuroAmerican Propagators. “This new landscape program will help growers get the world’s best genetics into the hands of their landscape customers in a form that fits their needs.”

Aside from the form the product is grown in, Armstrong Growers will also benefit from a marketing budget that is reserved specifically for the landscape market. “We’re working with the licensed growers on a case-by-case basis to make sure that this agreement will turn into greater sales for them and the landscapers they service,” say Chris Berg, director of  marketing for EuroAmerican Propagators. “We’re providing them with custom sales brochures that are applicable to their markets as well as working with their choice customers to become Proven Winners Signature Gardens.”

By partnering in the Southwestern market with Armstrong Growers, Proven Winners will now be more accessible to landscape sites in upscale markets like Beverly Hills, Las Vegas and Palm Springs. “Through our partnership with Proven Winners, we see great potential for bringing value and renewed interest to our landscape customers,” says James Russell, vice president of Armstrong Growers. “We know that by working with the landscape industry and educating them on these new, innovative, Proven Winners varieties, we will help them increase the allure in their projects while adding value to what they already bring to the market.” 

Armstrong Growers produces annual color for the landscape market on more than 100-acres of production. “We’re excited to have Armstrong Growers as a partner because they have extensive knowledge of the landscape industry and great relationships with their customers,” says Randall.

One of the other goals that Randall has for the landscape market is to improve product packaging to meet the needs of landscapers. “We’ve recently worked with Blackmore to run trials using 70 mm Elle pots with the Brickman Group here in San Diego and have had great success,” says Randall “Brickman found labor cost savings with the reduction of plastic containers on-site.”

EuroAmerican Propagators has since acquired three Ellepot machines to begin servicing Armstrong Growers.

Wholesale growers interested in becoming a Proven Winners Licensed Landscape Grower may contact Chris Berg at EuroAmerican Propagators.