Pest control software announces rebrand

The people management software BackOffice has now changed its name to Forgely.

August 24, 2016
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Forgely, formerly known as BackOffice, is a people management software tailored to the specific needs of lawn care and pest control companies. Since 2010, Forgely has helped lawn care and pest control companies nationwide to make new hires, improve team performance and manage their risk, all while saving them both time and money by operating in one program.

This rebrand is about more than just a name change. Forgely is focused on helping business owners build their dream team with welltrained, fulfilled and efficient employees. The new name represents a vital tool you need to build a successful and well trained team, instead of a software that merely runs in the background.

Along with a new name and a new mission to help pest control and lawn care business owners build strong teams, the Forgely software includes several new hiring features, including:
1. Sharing capabilities that allow managers to post open jobs on free online job boards like Indeed and SimplyHired, as well as their company websites.
2. A ready-to-send Quality Pro application and candidate questionnaires customized for every job, so managers get the information they need from each candidate.
3. A hiring minifeed that ensures all hiring managers stay in the loop about qualified candidates and status updates.

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