Greenworks launches new 82-volt pole saw

Greenworks launches new 82-volt pole saw

The brushless pole saw operates with reduced noise and zero emissions.

September 12, 2017
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Greenworks Commercial, producer of battery-powered outdoor equipment for landscaping and turf management professionals, announced that it has expanded its 82-volt line with a new commercial-grade Brushless Pole Saw.

Like all of the tools included in Greenworks Commercial’s family the new Brushless Pole Saw is powered by 82-volt battery technology. The proprietary 82-volt battery combines with brushless, electric motor technology to provide torque and product life with zero-maintenance functionality. The tool operates with reduced noise and vibration and zero emissions.

In an effort to make lawn and landscape maintenance more environmentally-responsible, the Greenworks Commercial 82-Volt Brushless Pole Saw produces zero emissions and zero exhaust fumes, requires no fuel or stabilizer mix and it is powered by a 100% recyclable lithium-ion battery. 

“Thanks to their ability to provide incredible performance without disturbing the serenity of the natural environment, while saving users money over time, our 82-volt line has caught on quickly among professional landscapers and golf course superintendents,” said Chris Allen, President of Greenworks North America. “We are excited to expand that popular family of tools with an exciting new Brushless Pole Saw that truly lives up to the Greenworks name and our brand’s reputation for high performing, environmentally-responsible tools.”  

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