Landscape industry veterans launch program

The program will help owners learn how to run a successful landscape business.

September 23, 2013
Industry News

The Harvest Group is proud to introduce the Harvest Academy, a new web-based program aimed at educating landscape business owners, and their managers, on every aspect of their business. The online program provides access to information designed to help owners quickly overcome the challenges involved in growing a landscape business.

Created by industry veterans, Bill Arman and Ed Laflamme, LIC, who together bring more than 80 years of hands-on experience running landscape businesses, the Harvest Academy fills a “knowledge gap.” In their industry travels, Arman and Laflamme saw so many businesses – many run by owners straight out of school – failing because they didn’t have the know-how or tools to run a successful business, and they decided to do something about it. 
“We created the Academy to provide immediate answers to problems that took us years to solve,” Laflamme said. “We’ve been in their boots, and have personally experienced the same challenges. We know how tough it is to operate a landscape business,” Arman added. “But it doesn’t have to be that hard. The Academy provides landscape owners with all the information they need to grow and own a profitable company, without being a slave to it!”

The Harvest Academy comprises proven business insight for landscape companies of all sizes, including start-ups, companies ready to move to the next level and even owners who are thinking about selling.

The information the Academy offers is broken down into eight sections, so members can learn at their own pace and choose the subjects they need to learn about at any given time.

Additionally, the Harvest Academy features:
•  Community forum – members can ask questions and get answers from Arman and Laflamme and fellow members
•  Industry Leaders section – top leaders reveal their secrets to becoming successful, along with lessons they learned to help owners grow and improve their organizations from just “doing ok” to becoming “best in class”
•  Guidebooks and tools with every lesson
•  Video lessons

A California landscape contractor commented on his experience with the program: “Being a start-up, I needed to build my company from the ground up, and the Harvest Academy has helped build my company the right way from the start,” Tim Saunders. “Using the video lessons and tools we have gone from zero to nearly $1 million in less than three years with great gross margins and solid profits.”

Get the guidance and education you need without working yourself into the ground. Check out The Harvest Way Academy today for a special trial offer.